The Center for Medical Weight Loss Program Approach

The Center for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL) program provides an approach to long-term weight loss under the care and support of trained medical providers. CMWL providers understand the complex factors that are related to weight gain, including contributing illnesses, prescription medication, individual psychology, hormones, metabolism, and individual body composition. Accordingly, the CMWL plans are designed not only to help patients lose weight, but also to develop the skills and habits necessary to successfully overcome food addictions or other conditions, improve overall health, and help manage their weight in the future.

Each fully individualized program is supported with ongoing one-on-one care that includes nutritional balance, fitness recommendations, behavioral motivation, counseling by the medical provider and, if necessary, prescription medication. Medical providers at CMWL also aim to increase a patient’s metabolism with a plan geared toward that individual’s unique needs, including diagnosing and treating conditions that may affect metabolism, adjusting medications, prescribing a supplement, and/or recommending increased activity. These providers use the latest technology and medical data available in the field of medical weight loss, including access to high-quality nutritional products and FDA-approved weight loss medications only available to medical providers.

The CMWL programs are also designed to be convenient and relatively simple for patients to follow. For instance, the CMWL food plans remove the confusion of reading nutrition labels, measuring portions, or counting calories, carbohydrates, or points.


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