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A weight loss approach ahead of its time

Dr. Michael S. Kaplan was a practicing internist in Long Island when he realized that many of his patients were living with health problems caused or worsened by the same thing - obesity. As he treated these patients, he recognized two things: Obesity is a disease and food can be an addiction.


As with other chronic diseases, it made sense to treat obesity under the supervision of a medical professional. Dr. Kaplan believed that health care providers, because of their position of trust with their patients, their ability to offer one-on-one counseling, and their focus on overall health, were uniquely positioned to help patients lose weight. He also discovered that to break a food addiction, providers and patients not only had to work together to achieve initial weight loss, but that patients needed support and guidance to change their lifestyle habits and maintain weight loss over the long term.


The early stages of the CMWL program first rolled out at Dr. Kaplan’s Long Island Weight Loss Institute in November 2001, and then officially in June 2006. Since then it has been available to patients throughout the United States in over 350 local medical practices.


For nearly a decade, CMWL has proven that its medically-supervised, personalized, chronic disease approach to obesity works. It has only been in recent years that health care policymakers and influencers have made significant changes that align with the CMWL approach. Since January 2012, Medicare and most private insurers have covered annual obesity screening and ongoing behavioral counseling visits. In June 2012, the American Journal of Medicine published a study, validating CMWL’s program effectiveness. In September 2012, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) updated its recommendation for medical providers to annually screen adults for obesity and to engage in behavioral counseling for long-term outcomes. And, in July 2013, the American Medical Association officially declared obesity to be a chronic disease.


With these recent changes in obesity medicine coverage and treatment, we at CMWL like to believe that our approach to weight loss has been ahead of its time. And we continue to innovate our platform using technology to create increased access and availability to more patients who are in need of treatment. With our proprietary predictive weight loss algorithm, Body Composition Analysis scale integration, automated behavioral counseling system and synced provider and patient portals, we’re making the medical treatment of obesity more engaging and easier than ever. We are excited about the future holds for providers and patients who feel passionate about turning the tide against obesity.


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