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Healthy Super Bowl Snacks | 5 Ways to Keep Your Snack Attack in Check

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A healthy Super Bowl isn't impossible. Enjoy the game and your favorite Super Bowl snacks with these simple tips and tricks.

Behind Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the largest food consumption day of the year. Whether you’re just watching for the commercials or you’re a diehard fan, you will most likely have one thing in common: Food will be involved. Game day food isn’t usually synonymous with healthy food. Showing up to a party with broccoli probably won’t win you popularity points, but tasty and healthy Super Bowl snacks do exist. Enjoy the big game, keep your snack attack in check, and maybe even burn a few calories with these simple tips. 

Go light on the booze: Football and beer may go together like ketchup and mustard, but beer and weight loss go together like water and oil—they just don’t mix. Liquid calories add up fast. Just two cocktail-sized fruity drinks can pile on 800 calories. Keep your weight loss plan in sight by sticking to one cocktail or light beer for the night. 

Tip: Instead of reaching for that pina colada (400 calories), go for vodka and seltzer water with a splash of pineapple juice (110 calories). 

Get moving: You sit five days a week, all day at work. The weekend is your time to get moving and during the Super Bowl is no exception. Take the halftime show outside this year, and organize a game of two-hand-touch football. Not only are you doing your heart some good, but if you have kids, you are setting a healthy example for them. Plus, it will take your eyes away from the endless appetizers. Don’t want to miss the anticipated halftime show? Record it, and watch it after the game. 

Lighten up your wings: According to the National Chicken Council, Americans are expected to eat 1.23 billion wing portions during the Super Bowl weekend. The dip of choice: ranch dressing. The combination of fried chicken and fattening dip spells trouble for your waistline, but by putting your cooking skills to the test, wings can be a healthy snacking choice. Try our delicious, baked version of BBQ chicken wings served with cucumber salad to satisfy your craving and your weight loss plan. 

Host the party: If you’re the host, you control the menu. While an all-vegetable party may not go over too well with guests, you can lighten up your dips and dishes by making simple substitutions. If a recipe calls for sour cream, use plain Greek yogurt instead. For desserts, use apple sauce instead of oil. Small substitutions make a big difference in terms of calories and fat. Give your appetizers a boost of antioxidants and fiber with our black bean quesadillas with avocado.  Ask your guests to bring healthier side dishes like salad or hummus to keep the menu light. 

Say no to seconds: Being mindful is an important part of every weight loss plan. Research shows food really can be addictive, so listen to your body. Ask yourself if you really need that second handful of potato chips or another piece of cake. Fill one plate up, eat, and then focus on socializing instead of food. You’ll leave the Super Bowl party with no regrets and wake up the next day on the right track to better health.  

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