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  • Make Exercise a Habit (The Craving Change Challenge, Week 4)

    In Fitness Exercise

    Sticking with an exercise program can be one of the most challenging aspects of a medical weight loss plan. But see how in addition to helping with weight control, more energy and improved cardiovascular fitness are just some of the rewards you can reap from regular exercise.

  • Shape-Up Challenge: Week 4 — The Benefits of Flexibility

    In Fitness Exercise

    Increased flexibility may help with reduced muscle tension, increased relaxation, improved posture, low back pain relief, and less injury. Sound good? Here’s how to start stretching!

  • Shape-Up Challenge: Week 2 — Fuel Up, Warm Up, Cool Down

    In Fitness Exercise

    Ready to begin an exercise program? Just don't forget the basics! Here are three things to keep top of mind when you start working out on your medical weight loss plan.

  • Shape-Up Challenge: Week 3 — Easy Resistance Exercises

    In Fitness Exercise

    This week, we’ll discuss the benefits of resistance exercise, plus give you some easy exercises you can do on your own to start looking and feeling better.

  • Shape-Up Challenge: Week 1 — Goal-Setting

    In Fitness Exercise

    Would you like to tone up a bit for summer? Join our brand-new Shape-Up Challenge! This week we'll focus on how to set goals you can actually achieve.

  • Channeling Negative Thoughts Into Positive Action (The Craving Change Challenge, Week 1)

    In General Health Behavior

    This week we ask you: Is your weight-loss glass half-empty or half-full? We all fall prey to less-than-sunny thoughts sometimes, so don't feel bad. It's identifying and addressing those thoughts that's key for staying successful on your medical weight loss program.

  • Learn to Forgive Yourself and Get Back on Track (The Craving Change Challenge, Week 3)

    In General Health Behavior

    Learning to forgive yourself first involves letting go of the past. Getting back on track involves focusing on the current moment and the opportunity it presents to do something different. Are you able to let go of recriminations and move forward on your medical weight loss plan?

  • The Craving Change Challenge: Are You Ready?

    In Food & Nutrition

    We’re betting that many, if not all, of you are craving change. That’s right: a new attitude, new skills, and most of all, new results from your medical weight loss plan. There’s no better time to capitalize on your change cravings than with a challenge that’ll kick your motivation into high gear.

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