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  • Lamb and Portabella Rigatoni

    In Recipes

    This delicious pasta combines the flavors of lamb and portabella mushrooms with some “secret” ingredients (like pineapple juice!) to give it some added zing.

  • Lamb and Guinness Stew

    In Recipes

    A filling Irish-influenced dish, this hearty stew takes some time to prepare but is well worth the effort. 

  • Rosemary Lamb Steak with Date-Orange Compote

    In Recipes

    Lamb steaks get a little lift when you serve them with rosemary and a delicious date-orange compote.

  • Classic Lamb Stew

    In Recipes

    This hearty dish is sure to satisfy for a winter’s dinner – or anytime all year round.


  • Lamb T-Bones with Herbed Cauliflower

    In Recipes

    Looking for a healthy but still delicious Easter dinner? Try this tasty lamb dish with flavorful veggies on the side.

  • Lamb Burgers with Mint Sauce and Tomato Salad

    In Recipes

    Get a taste of the Mediterranean with these delicious lamb burgers, livened up with a hint of mint and a refreshing tomato salad.

  • Rosemary Lamb Sandwich

    In Recipes

    This easy-to-prepare sandwich is freshened up with a delightful infusion of rosemary.

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