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  • 8 Reasons Why You Should Have an Obesity Screening Today

    In General Health Behavior

    Don’t underestimate the power of an obesity screening. We could think of 100 reasons why you should be screened for obesity, but here are the eight that stand out the most.

  • Could Obesity During Pregnancy Be A Cause Of Autism?

    In Food & Nutrition

    It’s a very sensitive topic to be sure, but a new obesity study is making headlines in the news linking obesity and autism. Researchers in China analyzed previous studies linking maternal obesity and autism and found mothers suffering from obesity with high blood sugar levels were 47 percent more likely to have children with autism.

  • Why Rising Obesity Rates Should Matter To You

    In Food & Nutrition

    The latest CDC study on the prevalence of obesity in the US is out, and it unfortunately does not paint the kind of picture we had hoped for. Despite broad-based awareness campaigns and health initiatives designed to help people improve their weight, the number of Americans suffering from obesity is at an all-time high, with middle-aged African-American women faring the worst.

  • The Scary Link Between Climate Change And Obesity

    In Food & Nutrition

    When you hear about the effects of climate change, it usually applies to extreme temperature swings, melting icebergs and other environmental damage. But did you know it is also threatening the nutritional integrity of our food supply? And that can spell disaster for anyone trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

  • The Obesity-Rheumatoid Arthritis Connection

    In Food & Nutrition

    If you or someone you know has Rheumatoid Arthritis, or RA, you understand just how painful the condition can be. RA is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system attacks the joints, causing severe inflammation, swelling, and even disfigurement. While researchers continue to uncover the mechanisms behind how it works, what has been made clear is that obesity both plays a role in its development and presents challenges to its treatment. 

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