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  • Dining Out: Decoding the Menu

    In Food & Nutrition

    The thought of dining out can quickly turn someone on a weight loss program into a split personality: Part of you says “Yay!”—the other part “Yikes!” Here are some dos and don’ts to help you stick to your medical weight loss plan when you eat at a restaurant.

  • Grilled Fish Kebab with Rice

    In Recipes

    These tasty fish kebabs are a snap to grill.

  • Hake with Whipped Horseradish Potato

    In Recipes

    From the same family as cod, hake is a firm white fish with few bones and a delicate flavor.

  • Skate with Rice Pilaf

    In Recipes

    With its mild white flesh, skate makes a tasty – and healthy – addition to your fish dish repertoire. 

  • Hake Filets with Kale and Garlic

    In Recipes

    Hake, from the same family as cod, is a lean fish with a delicate flavor. Give it a burst of extra goodness by adding antioxidant-rich kale sautéed in garlic.

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