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  • Middle Eastern Omelet

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    This “omelet” is really more of a pita sandwich stuffed with a healthy and tasty mixture of  hummus, tabouli, and egg substitute.

  • Turkey-Cranberry Pita with Feta

    In Recipes

    Turkey and cranberry aren’t just for Thanksgiving anymore! This unique sandwich combines interesting flavors in a mouth-pleasing way. 

  • Chicken Gyros with Greek Salad

    In Recipes

    Our version of this Greek specialty is easy to make and a definite family favorite.

  • Hummus and Salads Platter

    In Recipes

    When you want a quick, light, and healthy dinner, prepare this veggie platter – it even includes hummus made from scratch!

  • Chicken Salad with Broccoli and Pine Nuts

    In Recipes

    If you’re a chicken salad fan but avoid it because of all the fat, try this lightened-up version that uses light mayo.

  • Falafel in Pita

    In Recipes

    This Middle Eastern staple makes a delicious addition to your dinner repertoire. If you can’t find tahini, or sesame paste, you can substitute peanut butter instead.

  • Mediterranean Platter with Pita

    In Recipes

    Mix it up a little with a Mediterranean veggie mix – olives, sun-dried tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, and eggs – served with wedges of whole-wheat pita.

  • Moroccan Chicken Pitas

    In Recipes

    Try a taste of North Africa with this subtly spiced dish, sure to become a family favorite.

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