Every body is different.

Create your own personal medical weight loss toolkit. Make your plan work for you.

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Medical providers have the authority to prescribe weight loss medication, but medication alone will not help you achieve your long-term healthy weight goals.

Only CMWL-trained network providers understand the science and proven approaches to safe, effective weight loss and weight maintenance using the various tools available in the CMWL program toolkit.

You’ll work together to create a holistic, personalized plan for your needs.

It’s teamwork at its best…


If you’re serious about losing unhealthy weight and fat once and for all, our program provides the structure, support, and tools to help you achieve that goal.

Using an easy step-by-step process based on medical science, you can make the changes in your life that will lead to long-term healthy weight maintenance.

Why? Because it’s all personalized for your unique needs.

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It's not a diet. It's a lifestyle to improve and maintain good health for a lifetime.