3 reasons why patients do so well on the CMWL program:

The clinical protocols are proven.

They are committed to positive change.

It’s easy to follow and stick to.


I feel better physically and mentally. I have more energy and feel more attractive!


If you have tried everything and think nothing can work for you, know that this is the one that can. If you commit to the program, you can change your life. It's not too late.


The best part about losing weight is how healthy I look and feel. I can run around with my nephews without feeling short of breath. I have more confidence than ever. I went from wearing plus size to regular size clothing and get compliments all the time about my new look. Sometimes people even have a hard time recognizing me!


Today, I feel like a different person. I have more energy, can walk longer distances and climb stairs without getting out of breath. I also love to shop for regular size clothes. I feel like I look better and my husband always compliments me on my new outfits. He has been one of my biggest supporters throughout the process. Having someone to root you on is so important.


I did extensive research before coming to CMWL. I had already tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, a nutritionist, and calorie counters without much success. It was crucial for me to find a program that best fit my needs. I needed a program that could provide one-on-one counseling with a focus on behavioral modification.


I was amazed! The pounds seemed to be melting away, and the results motivated me to continue. If I was having a bad day, I reminded myself that this lifestyle change would help me reach my weight loss goals. Over the next year and a half, I set mini goals to be reached by certain dates. I would work hard to get there, and often I would reach a milestone before I had expected. The CMWL team was right beside me jumping for joy. They were my biggest cheerleaders and fans.


Since losing the weight my health has improved drastically. My orthopaedic surgeon told me that I needed knee replacement surgery, and losing weight was the only way my new knees would last. Now that I’ve slimmed down I’ll be able to have both knees replaced. I’ve also been taken off blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication, which is fantastic!


Before I started with CMWL, I had high cholesterol and sleep apnea; now my cholesterol is great and I’m no longer using the sleep apnea machine. My energy has significantly improved and my thinking about food has changed forever.


The CMWL program helped me lose weight by taking the thought out of my meal planning – it made it easy for me to stay on-track. Plus, it helped that the options tasted great, and chocolate is a big favorite for me! Talking to the doctor when I hit hurdles was the best part of keeping me motivated. Because I lost weight every week, I kept on the plan, feeling the success every time I stepped on the scale.


I plan to keep off the weight in the exact same way I got it off: By continuing to be willing to ask myself hard questions and answer them honestly, and educating myself about good nutrition, metabolism, etc...Knowledge is empowering for me as long as I cooperate with and appropriate what I am learning. This is still a journey, and as long as I live, it will continue. Learning to be mindful of what I eat and what it costs me is the key for me to losing the weight and keeping it off. It all starts with awareness.


One of the great parts of the CMWL plan is the fact that they realize every person is different and that every day is different...Keeping the weight off is a psychological struggle – there’s no denying that. But now that I am armed with the information and the support that I get from CMWL, I feel more confident.