CMWL Program

There’s a plan for every body at every point in the weight management process.

Your weight is unique to your physical and emotional well-being. There’s no one else like you, so your weight loss plan should be tailor-made for you! The CMWL Program is designed to achieve that.

Using a personalized mix of program tools, you’ll work with your participating CMWL provider to lose weight in a healthy way at the pace you choose.

CMWL personalizes weight loss for your specific needs.

*Insurance may cover your weight loss screening and follow-up behavioral counseling visits. Check with your insurance company and CMWL center for details. **QuickStart (LCD) estimated weight loss of 21 lbs. in 12 weeks. Source: American Journal of Medicine  June 2011; does not include the use of any medication.


Weight management is all about choices.

No matter which CMWL plan you choose, your provider will help you learn how to make the best lifestyle and behavioral choices to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. These choices are critical to a healthy weight and overall good health.