Starting Weight: 272 lbs

Current Weight: 172 lbs

Total lost: 100 lbs*

*In a CMWL multicenter randomized trial involving 550 patients who followed a CMWL Low-Calorie Diet (LCD) or Modified LCD Program, both with and without appetite suppressants, the average weight loss was 2 pounds per week over a 12-week period. The research was wholly funded by an independent third party with the exception of travel expenses. According to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine, participants completing a 12-week medical weight loss program lost 11.1% of their body weight, on average. Results may vary.

My weight loss journey started in an unlikely place: a trip to the hair salon.

I was getting my hair colored when I overheard a woman chatting about her weight loss transformation, so I decided to ask her about it. She told me all about the CMWL program and gave me Dr. Piya Ghoshal’s contact information.

Turns out, I was in the right place at the right time, and this trip to the hair dresser was the first stepping stone in changing my lifestyle forever. Before I had this conversation, I had tried everything in the weight loss book: Weight Watchers, self-help protein shakes, over-the-counter diet pills. Nothing seemed to work. But I was motivated to change so I would be able to spend quality time with my three gorgeous nephews.

Dec. 27, 2012 marked the start of my weight loss journey and first meeting with Dr. Ghoshal. The CMWL program was different because it gave me an easy place to start. Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack were already prepared for me. I knew this was temporary, and I would eventually have to learn to make better food choices on my own and start an exercise program. However, I didn’t feel alone because I knew Dr. Ghoshal would guide me every step of the way.

Initially, the food plan was an adjustment because my body was accustomed to overeating. But, surprisingly, I got into the groove quickly, and it just became a part of my everyday routine. Of course, I had cravings for certain foods, but through counseling, my physician taught me how to deal with them and handle the situation without going overboard. I’m Italian, and staying away from pasta was no easy task, but as I progressed on the program, the cravings subsided and were easier for me to control. When I had the urge to eat more than I should, I would just think about my nephews, the importance of my health, and take it day-by-day.

I knew that in order to adopt an overall healthier lifestyle, I would have to start an exercise program, so I joined a local gym, BodyShop Fitness. Exercising initially wasn’t so easy for me. Sometimes I had to force myself to go to the gym, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family and friends. Again, I surprised myself. Just as I got used to and started enjoying healthier foods, I didn’t only get used to going to the gym, I started looking forward to it! Now, I am a proud, self-proclaimed “gym rat,” and go six days a week for two hours.

My hard work and dedication started to pay off. I have lost 100 pounds and still want to lose more! The best part about losing weight is how healthy I look and feel.  I can run around with my nephews without feeling short of breath. I have more confidence than ever. I went from wearing plus size to regular size clothing and get compliments all the time about my new look.  Sometimes people even have a hard time recognizing me!

Dr. Ghoshal gave me the tools I needed to lose weight and I couldn’t have done it without the support of her and her amazing staff. I know this is a lifelong commitment, but with dedication and support I know I can succeed.

Since I’ve lost weight, I haven’t run into the woman who planted the seed to start my journey, but I feel like it was meant for me to be at the hair salon that day. If you stick to the CMWL program it really works, and it’s changed my life forever.

Maryanne’s Weight Loss Success Tips

Favorite CMWL Product:
Chocolate Ready to Drink Shake

Top Tip to Stay Motivated:
Surround yourself with a positive support system. For me, it was my family and friends. Keep looking in the mirror and love the person looking back at you.

What I Like Best About CMWL:
I cannot thank CMWL enough for helping me to achieve my goals. Without the help, guidance, and encouragement of Dr. Piya Ghoshal and her amazing staff, I know I would not have been as successful.